Subscription services


Alice and Bob are subscribed to Cuck-Norris' subscription service which collects the membership fee every month. But there are problems, Alice always gets messages that she has not paid yet, although she has! And Bob even lastly had to complain that Chuck-Norris took too much money from him...

But all this changed when Chuck-Norris found the EBICS::BOX. With this brilliant in his hand, the payment now runs smooth and no complaints are made, and he can do all of this without any pain! All he does is provice the subsriber information to the box, and then all useful features come out of it! The Box connects itself to the Bank and collects all payment via SEPA Direct Debit and provides Chuck Norris with useful feadback and paymentinformation, wich he can use to make his service even better!

Alice, Bob and Chuck Norris lived happy ever after.