How EBICS should have been built - A modern API for bank accounts. Fully automatized processing of incoming and outgoing money transactions.


Integrating a bank with your web application using EBICS is hard. The EBICS::Box provides an easy-to-use wrapper which offers a bunch of helpful features.


The Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (short: EBICS) is a transmission protocol for banking information for usage by banking clients and for inter-bank clearing. It's available for banks in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and an ever-growing number of European countries.

EBICS::Box is the missing Link between your bank and your service for a simple and reliable system. It features a simple interface for data transmission and notification to your core application while it communicates with the bank and manages your transfers and receival of transaction information.

It has been designed as a complete solution for an easy integration of financial transactions in existing applications. The most common business process are supported and you can setup multiple accounts across different banks with a single installation.

What's in the box?

EBICS::Box is an on-premise solution which sits between you and your bank to hide the complexities of EBICS and its used document standards.

  • Easy on-boarding

    Forget about the complex user model and setup procedure. Request a single user from your bank, receive credentials its credentials, and we will guide you throught the rest of the process.
  • Format conversion

    Using EBICS not only implies that you have to learn about the standard itself, but you also have to learn about others, such as MT940, CAMT, and PAIN, as well. Using the EBICS::Box you only need to know JSON.
  • Fetching of statements

    Fetching, parsing, and importing bank statements can be a pain - especially when multiple banks are involved. Get the Box and everything is delivered to your app. No need to ask for data.
  • Notifications

    Instead of pulling for data and updates, the EBICS::Box allows for a push oriented application design. The box will notify you once the processing status of an order changes or new statements are available.
  • Credit transfers

    With EBICS::Box you can send money to SEPA bank accounts with SEPA credit transfers. It is as easy as specifying a source, a target account, an amount, and some message for the recipient.
  • Direct debits

    Collecting money has never been easier - depending on your business case COR1, CORE, and B2B debits are supported out of the box.
  • Order monitoring

    Your account movements get retrieved automatically and can be searched through easily.
  • Easy setup

    And… once you have ordered a box, it is as easy as executing a single command on the target machine!

Use cases

Not sure how EBICS::Box might solve your problems? Have a look at our common use cases.

Subscription service

Companies selling digital or non-digital services based on a subscription model. This could be a monthly fee for accessing your music collection (i.e. Spotify) or to pay your electricity bill.

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Digital marketplace

You are providing a digital marketplace and want to collect money from your customers and payout your suppliers (i.e. DaWanda, AirBnB, …).

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